Festival Còmic de Figueres - 2013

Sixth edition

Chez Leandre


Citroën Park, Sunday 21st of April, 12:00 h

He's not a homeless. Just the opposite. He's a clown and the street is his home. Come in, feel good. Together we'll open the door of imagination

The Festival Còmic de Figueres is honoured to present Leandre. Leandre Ribera is an artist with exceptional qualities, one of the most valued mime artists in the world. With his body as his unique form of expression he brings marvellous moments whomever the audience.

With Chez Leandre he makes the street his home and invites everybody to come in. Once the doors of the game are open, his art starts seducing everyone. An audience participative show full of goodwill, three quarters of an hour of magic that many would like to last forever.

Leandre always recalls that when he was 16 he had the privilege of seeing Yves Lebreton at the Sala Villaroel of Barcelona, and from that very moment he realised that that would be his path. Lebreton participated in the first edition of the Figueres Comedy Festival performing his masterpiece «Eh?». Nowadays it would be tough to see this great artist live, but watching Leandre makes it seem less hard.

PRICE: 2,00 €


Duration: 40 minutes

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