Festival Còmic de Figueres - 2013

Sixth edition

Carrot sales flyer


It’s time for all the voices of the culture section to shout it out! Theatre entrance should not be penalized with a VAT of 21%. This measure by the Spanish government leaves Catalonia one of the only places in the eurozone that doesn’t apply a reduced VAT on income generated by the culture section. Moreover this is having a choking effect on most professionals in the sector.

A country without culture is a dead country. “Keep culture healthy” is a protest action originally done by the Teatre de Bescanó in November 2012, and the Festival Comic will repeat it at their opening gala on the 19th April 2013.

Exceptionally, entrance to the opening night will not be by way of buying a ticket (with 21% VAT), but by buying a carrot (with 4% VAT), the entrance ticket comes with the carrot. The objective is that the public, artists and organizers show their rejection of a VAT that is pointlessly slamming the brakes on cultural consumerism.

This is not a tax evasion campaign, it is an act of indignance at a misplaced and counterproductive political decision by the Spanish government.

Gala Inaugural


El Jardí Theatre, Friday 19th of April, 21:00 h

CARROT PRIZE: 12,00 € (11,54 € + 4% d'IVA)

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