Festival Còmic de Figueres - 2013

Sixth edition

The Chanclettes


L'ESCORXADOR, Saturday 20th of April, 23:30 h

Festival Comic Party: interactive espectacular anti crisis show

Let’s rewind: Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston didn’t die. Or better still, let’s fast forward: they’ve been resurrected. Continuing the sacrilege we have the specialist Madonna then followed by Lady Gaga, so nobody can be disappointed. Expect intense rivalry and even bloodshed! Fortunately Rafaella Carra and David Guetta know how to share the same stage.

All this and even more craziness is what The Chanclettes are proposing in this particular dance session. A show that has everybody dancing, artists and audience alike. A show with music choreography and theatre all spiced up with zany humour. Audiovisual projections of famous tv and cinema clips to take us all down memory lane.

A show suitable for all ages. Please wear comfortable footwear, this show will go on until they shut us down. The Chanclettes: a unique troupe, a special genre and a successful career. The newly restored Slaughterhouse of Figueres could not have a more fitting inauguration. (Please do not stain the walls, as the organisers will be severely punished.)

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