Festival Còmic de Figueres - 2013

Sisena edició

Tarda de Pallassos


El Jardí Theatre, Sunday 21st of April, 18:00 h

Tortell Poltrona, La Tal, Leandre Ribera, Toti Toronell...
conducted by the magic of Fèlix Brunet

C’mon let’s make a mess. One show was not enough, so we’ve made four shows into one, magic! The problem is that there is only one person in the world able to control so many clowns, and he’s a bit crazy: the magical Felix Brunet. Between slapstick and slapstick, magic tricks that will make your jaw drop.

And between magic trick and magic trick, clowns to show who is the silliest. So silly that they just need to leave the house to make people laugh. Have you heard about a guy called Tortell Poltrona? He hasn’t got much common sense. He lives between Figueres and Barcelona at the foothills of the Montseny. He’s made grandparents laugh, he’s made parents laugh, and now kids it’s your turn.

What do you know about La Tal and Leandre? Seeing them is priceless. Almost 25 years on stage. Everybody says it: surrealistic laughs. No more clues needed. And finally, Toti Toronell, he’s from Olot you know.

All of them international and Catalonia is proud of them. Let’s hope they don’t make too much damage, because if they if they do...

PRICE: 7,00 € up to 12 yrs., 12,00 € adults.            Buy tickets

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