Figueres Comedy Festival 2013

Sixth edition

Parallel activities

Laughter is freedom

In a country where cultural expressions are ornamental, what can happen during difficult economic times is that artists, creativity and humour can be easily overlooked. It would seem an obvious choice meals over mime, school equipment over an exhibition, public health over a festival. But culture is investment, and the lack of it generates waves of inept, corrupt and egoist people.

Even through the hardest times the billboard must never be empty. A free society is a cultivated society. From this conviction springs another year of the Figueres Comedy Festival. It will be the sixth edition. More artists than ever, new spaces, new show formats, make going to this festival a truly fun and enriching experience.

And what’s more, all the headlining artists this year live and work in Catalonia. Now that Catalonia is more in the international eye, our program is a fine example of what’s on offer in our region.

Mime, word games, humour through song, sketches, plays, customized shows... Free shows or prices that are accessible to everyone. Because we have to get out of this together, and better to do it with a sense of humour. Browse the website and choose. You can’t go wrong.

The inaugural gala


El Jardí, 12,00 €

19/4/13, 21:00 h | + info

Clown session


El Jardí, from 7,00 €

21/4/13, 18:00 h | + info

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