Festival Còmic de Figueres - 2013

Sixth edition


COPACABANA, Cia. Ponten Pie

L'Escorxador, Friday 26th & Saturday 27th of April, 23:00 h


L'Escorxador, Sunday 28th of April, 12:00 h

A show that blends theatre, live cooking and cabaret
2 shows for adults, 1 for the young ones (+8 yrs.)

In these times where fusion is fashion, creator Sergi Ots takes gastro-theatre experimentation to another level. He doesn’t settle for classic combinations but ingeniously fuses original ingredients in an unconventional space for his inventions. It is what is commonly known a «site specific» show.

The concept was born at the Fira de Tàrrega and has been simmering all around Europe until we finally get to taste the finished dish at the Festival Comic. Visual theatre, props theatre and cooking in a show where the audience is also treated as a client, and the stage covers a 360º angle of the spectators-diners.

This is a meal that lightly fills the stomach and nourishes the mind: a creation that intertwines the organic and the oneiric world, the echoes of a long lost circus that little by little transforms the rhythm of the night.

After many years working with renowned companies such as Comediants and Cirque de Soleil, Sergi Ots has created Ponten Pie, to give shape to his most personal projects. On this occasion he offers us a cuisine full of fun and humour, a show fit for the Michelin guide.

PRICE: 10,00 € / 7,00 € (child)

Limited capacity: 70 seats.

Duration: 75 minutes

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