Festival Còmic de Figueres - 2013

Sixth edition

Rambla de Figueres

C I T R O Ë N     P A R K

The Rambla of Figueres explodes with laughter

A festival has to mean a transformation, a change in the established order, an exceptional state. It helps a lot that the public space reflects that. The main novelty of this edition of the Festival Comic is this space in the middle of the charming Rambla of Figueres, an amphitheatre seating 240 that brings good humour to the disposal of everybody.

And here to prove that street theatre can be exceptional, three excellent shows by world renowned artists: Leandre our most internationally known clown, Marcel Gros, dean of Catalan clowns, and the troupe “The Elegants”, Catalan circus folk that have travelled the world with their pirouettes and juggling.

And to make it all possible, Citroen-Interfren; the Citroën concession of Figueres, that has for the last four years supported the Festival Comic and that in this sixth edition assumes this new challenge of sponsorship and social compromise.

Marcel Gros


Citroën Park, 2,00€

20/4/13, 12:00 h | + info



Citroën Park, 2,00 €

20/4/13, 18:00 h | + info



Citroën Park, 2,00 €

21/4/13, 12:00 h | + info

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