Trygve Wakenshaw & Barnie Duncan

Mad office

The “Mad Office” show managed to sell out all the venues of the entire month at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017, they also sold out at the London Mime Festival in 2018; that year, they also won the first prize of the Adelaide Fringe... Their success facts are endless.

The scene takes place at the office of a mediocre business called Ruck Leather Interiors, but they’re not mediocre at all. In the apparent boredom of the office, gags and more gags burst, as well as the most incredibly insane stories. All this is a great absurdity created by two top-notch comedians: New Zealanders Trygve Wakenshaw and Barnie Duncan. A perfect show. A work of art.

★★★★ “For blurb, please call Rucks's Leather Interiors on 01395 328 437. 'The performance is perfect... strange slapstick joy. You'll see nothing quite like this at the festival.'” –Steve Bennett, Chortle

★★★★ “Different Party is difficult to describe in a way that makes any sense.” –West Australian

★★★★ “The actors seem to share some kindred dysfunction in relation to normality; they are of one and the same deranged mind.” –

★★★★ “These physical comedians from New Zealand have made a show that is funny for just being funny' –Australia Times

★★★★ “A howlingly funny, exquisitely performed hour of office-set slapstick from two of New Zealand’s most exciting comic talents.” –The Telegraph

★★★★ “Finely-honed silliness” –David Pollock, The Scotsman

Sunday 21st of April, 19:00 h


18,00 €

Discounts: «Pack Cate 3»,

Senior, Young card

60 minutes

No text, slapstick, surreal humour


In La Cate you will find scenic proposals that demand proximity, for an intimate, intense experience; ultimate contemplation and enjoyment of the work of art, those unique and unrepeatable moments, those birds that pass once a year and are so hard to catch. If you want to give yourself a gift, let it be this one.

Opened before and after the show