Compagnia Baccalà

Pss Pss


The only thing they do not know how to do is talk. The Swiss-Sicilian duo formed by Simone Fassari and Camilla Pessi deploy in a little more than an hour a range of incredible circus and gestural numbers. Their spectacular acrobatics and exquisite humour weave a timeless, poetic, surreal, comical and infinitely friendly show.


Spectators have defined «Pss Pss» as a perfect mix between Charlie Chaplin and Cirque du Soleil... It may seem an exaggeration; you’ll have to find out yourself. What is surely not exaggerated are the more than 600 performances in more than 50 countries and the 13 international awards that this pair of brilliant contemporary clowns have achieved with their show.

★★★★ "Sometimes a show is such a total delight that it is hard to write about it without just gushing ‘See it, see it!’ – Pss Pss is such a show. See it, see it." –Total Theatre


★★★★ "One of the most magical shows on the circuit." –The Stage


★★★★ “Takes the audience through a gamut of innocent emotions that are full of simple joy. Sensuous, insouciant and transporting, this gentle child- like dance of love and friendship transcends language and utterly captivates with imagination and fun." –Edinburgh Guide


★★★★ “The award-winning double act Compagnia Baccalà, bow in Triumph because they've managed to juggle a single apple...” –The Independent


★★★★ “Sophisticated, delightful and awe-inspiring.” –Theatre Review, New Zealand


★★★★ “An intricate, textured clown piece that ranges from powerful comedic minimalism to elaborate aerial theatre and circus” –Fringe Review


★★★★ “This is slapstick reimagined, silent storytelling at its best –delightful, light-hearted and hilarious.” –The Times

Friday 19th of April, 19:00 h


18,00 €

Discounts: «Pack Cate 3»,

Senior, Young cards

65 minutes

No text, clown, circus arts


In La Cate you will find scenic proposals that demand proximity, for an intimate, intense experience; ultimate contemplation and enjoyment of the work of art, those unique and unrepeatable moments, those birds that pass once a year and are so hard to catch. If you want to give yourself a gift, let it be this one.

Opened after and before the show