Jair Domínguez

Dalí Còmic

This is not a show: it’s a conference. But what a conference! The show is Dalí, his biography, his happenings, his “boutades”. All told by Jair Domínguez; from provocateur to provocateur; from figuerenc to figuerenc. A selection of the funniest episodes of the painter’s life, a walk through the immense universe of anecdotes, happenings, ingenuities and machinations that Salvador Dalí created throughout his life.

It was beginning to be an anomaly that the Festival Còmic of Figueres did not approach the figure of Dalí in one way or another. «Dalí Còmic» will be an evening for fun, but also an exercise of memory and encouragement. And a chemistry game, of course! What happens if we mix Dalí with a writer and journalist like Jair Domínguez? Will it explode? Such a great conference!

Friday 19th of April, 21:00 h


Taquilla ɐsɹǝʌuᴉ


free contribution at the end of the show

60 minutes


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