Impro Barcelona

The challenge

You’ve heard a lot about theatre improvisation, but you have not yet attended a show of this kind? You’re lucky! The Festival Còmic of Figueres invites you to discover Impro Barcelona, a company without a script, without scenography and without shame. Free in the Interfren Space. You will hallucinate with the interpretative resources, the mental quickness and the good humour of this gang of shameless rascals.

Beatriu Castelló, Mònica Ballesteros, Mireia Scatti and Miquel Simó, honorary members of Société Improvisée, invite the audience to enjoy a unique afternoon. In this select club, neither backgammon nor chess nor mus are played. The challenge is to create the most incredible and funniest stories based on the phrases that the spectators write. Will you help us?

Saturday 20th of April, 17:00 h


Free access

60 minutes

Catalan, Spanish, improvisation

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