Ananda Das

Laughter yoga


In this workshop you will practice laughter exercises, smiling through the chakras, breathing techniques in laughter, smiling mantras, smiling meditation, tantric laughter and smiling and relaxation. You will learn to laugh at the ridiculousness of the mind amid much fun and complicity. A safe space in which laughter and smiles can flow freely and the creative part of our brain and our inner children can fly.


“Ananda” means “pure joy”; by “das” we mean “servant”, “yoga” is “divine union”. Ananda Das Yoga, is, therefore, the expression of a purpose: to serve in the pure joy of divine union. To the ears of people unfamiliar with the subject, all this may sound like a crazed sect. Not at all! When you meet Ananda, the workshop’s guide, you will see that it is pure humanity and you will discover that laughing is divine.


  • Ananda Das is a spiritual guide, a wise and very funny man; a great teacher graduated from the Laughter Yoga University; an international figure that honours the Festival Còmic of Figueres. Visit Ananda’s website,, and you will want to register in their workshop as soon as possible.


Sunday 21st of April, 10:00 h

Free activity

Habrá que aportar 1,00 € de tasa al Consorci Castell de Sant Ferran en concepto de mantenimiento de la fortaleza

3 horas

Carry comfortable clothes and bring drinking water.

Activity suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions.


Up to 16 years old