Valeria Guglietti

10 years of shadows


There are very few artists who specialise in hand-shadow theatre. Even fewer with the creativity, freshness and good humour of Valeria Guglietti. This millenary art demands a lot of imagination and skill in the execution; Valeria takes it up. Her puppets are so ephemeral that they do not even exist. Magic, a lot of magic. One single light bulb and the universal language of silence are enough to make us smile and fly.


“10 years of shadows” is a compilation of the best scenes by Argentinian artist Valeria Guglietti, a tireless succession of gags, stories and poetic moments; her hands make and unmake images without stopping in front of the enthralled gaze of the audience. The shadows that have gained success for 10 years all over the world now gathered in one show that is also a lesson of simplicity and humanity.

Sunday 21st of April, 12:00 h


Taquilla ɐsɹǝʌuᴉ


free contribution at the end of the show

45 minutes

Shadow puppetry

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