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«Clownppelia» is a luminous and sweet sci-fi romantic comedy, a show of gestural humour in which clown and dance merge to create a unique work piece. It narrates the adventures and misadventures of Dodo and the bearded dancer of the circus. Estíbaliz Barroso has been soloist and first dancer of some of the most important companies in Spain. She has worked with directors such as Robert Wilson, Rafael Amargo and many others.


Angel Amieva is back home. The Festival Còmic of Figueres now hosts the premiere of his new scenic adventure. He is world champion of kung-fu, no one dares to challenge him. He has been creating, directing and producing shows for more than 30 years, he’s been resident clown of Swiss Circuses Salto Natale and Ohlala, has worked with famous magician Criss Angel, has cycled around the world giving out good humour to the disadvantaged... Welcome back, crack!

★★★★ “EXCITING! For an hour and fifteen minutes you will NOT miss your mobile phone.” –Springfield Telegraph

★★★★ “WONDERFUL! At least from the FIRST MINUTE to the SECOND.” –Quahog Planet

★★★★ “FUN and deyonb!” – National Association of Dyslexics

★★★★ “More than 3 SPECTATORS have gone to SEE IT.” –BBC

Saturday 20th of April, 21:00 h

18,00 €

Discounts «Pack Cate 3»,

Senior, Young card

65 minutes

No text, clown, slapstick, dance

Opened before and after the show