The Figueres Comedy Festival offers a showcase for all those theatrical actors or artists who have any VERY comical scene to show the world.

The intention is to bring crazy people together with other crazy people sharing in the laughter. Creating an unforgettable time for the audience. Make the world gasp for air.

  • For a few days Clerch i Nicolau Foundation, Figueres, will become a kind of "13, Rue del Percebe." (Spanish comic book created by Francisco Ibáñez.) Spectators will move in groups through 5 scenes distributed throughout the building, 6 times per day at 15 minute intervals.
  • Microtheatre consists of short-duration scenes presented to a reduced audience in unconventional spaces, an intense immersive experience..
  • Many different artists and theatre groups, crazy people working together with a passion to create a circuit designed to make you wet yourself with laughter. Don’t miss out, book online. Tickets are going fast!


    A Mossegades

    A Mossegades began as a young amateur theatre company in the Empordà. Over a period of 5 years, little by little, its members grew into professionals and now the association is a platform for young artists who want to delve into the world of the performing arts. The organization invigorates young theatre groups and conducts training around the performing arts, while producing professional productions.

    • Scene title: Requiem for Gea
    • Author: A Mossegades     Director: Marià Llop
    • Cast: Eric Jiménez (Nanote) Helena Colinas (Banana), Muisès Colinas
      (Bananote), Judith Carrasco (Gea)
    • Overview:

    Nare saco is Dae suco
    Curitala nasterene porticali nare

    Su renepite serenuti potenete serinecola, las Banana Sibirina, los Bananote
    Sibiriscaio ne Nanote Nasco, ne neresito narasquito. Tarampoti neristo, tare
    Narane at 14, 15 ne 16 n'Abrinele tante Clerch i Niculau, nesteracu
    nenrenentilbene nere nu nananare.

    Companyia Còmics Teatre

    A group of friends who enjoy acting and listening to the laughter of the audience. Sant Llorenç de la Muga.

    • Scene title: Sóc el que sóc
    • Author: Toni Comas     Director: Joan Serrat
    • Cast: Joan Tomàs, Ricard Sedó, Roger Egea
    • Overview: René and Albin are a couple. René has to force Albin out of the house for one night: his future father in law and president of a right-wing political party comes to dinner. René has to hide his homosexuality.

    Companyia Ramon

    A comedy theatre company which emerged from a working group of the theatre school El Galliner of Girona. Each of the members of the group brings their comic version of the theatre and this leads to very crazy and funny situations.

    • Scene title: Paradís
    • Author: Musical adaptation of George Tabori's “Goldberg Variations”.
    • Director: collective
    • Cast: Clara Santamaria Arus (Mr. Jay), Alba Garcia Padrós (Goldberg), Cora Rosell Pujolràs (Ernestina), Mopp: Susanna Bosch Barbosa (Mrs. Mopp), Rut Lopez Simorte (T.T.)
    • Overview: An amateur theatre company tries to prepare for the premiere of a play and everything goes topsy turvy. The important thing is not to observe the problems of the characters, but the crazy ideas they have to resort to in order to save the situation.

    José Malaguilla

    José Malaguilla is an improviser with more than 10 years of experience passing through the most important impro companies of Barcelona (Impromptu, Planeta Impro, Impro Acatomba, MalRayo) and director of the Impro School of Barcelona.

    • Scene title: Imprólogo
    • Author & director: José Malaguilla
    • Cast: José Malaguilla
    • Overview: Through the suggestions of the public, José Malaguilla will create a completely improvised scene of 10 minutes in which he will give life to a whole series of characters. It is an exercise of unfolding inventing stories, scenography, and so on.

    La Senyoreta

    La Senyoreta is the company name and alter ego of the clown, narrator, puppeteer and actress, Mireia Peña. La Senyoreta is a mixture of personal experiences in the artistic world grouped under the same umbrella.

    • Scene title: CORrespondència
    • Author: Mireia Peña   Director: collective
    • Cast: Mireia Peña
    • Overview: A woman waits for the perfect time to find the perfect man to make the perfect getaway. But first, to be able to cross the threshold, she will have to get rid of all the emotional baggage  she  carries.

    Friday 14th of April

    Saturday 15th of April

    Sunday 16th of April

    Shows every 15 minutes

    19:00 - 19:15 - 19:30

    19:45 - 20:00 - 20:15

    Fundació Clech i Nicolau

    Carrer Nou, 53, Figueres

    Taquilla ɐsɹǝʌuᴉ

    (free contribution at the end of each session)

    (all proceeds benefit the participant artists)

    60 minutes per session

    Catalan, Spanish, stand-up comedy, clown, improv


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