Guillem Albà & La Marabunta


A marabunta is a cloud of hungry ants that destroys everything. But it is also the name of the crazy troupe of musicians accompanying Guillem Albà, a clown with a mission to become a rock star. "Marabunta" is also the title of this overwhelming show, an award winning contribution to many festivals and exhibitions, the ideal show with which to unwind a little. Dozens of characters, songs and nonsense to ensure you never stop laughing.

Interfren wants this performance to help celebrate the ten years of Figueres Comedy Festival with their audience, the people who fill l’Espai Citroën every year.

Friday 14th of April, 17:00 h

Espai Citroën

Plaça Catalunya, Figueres

Free access

75 minutes

Catalan, clown, music