Various artists

Inaugural gala

The inaugural Gala of the Còmic Festival is the perfect taster for a long weekend of fun. This year we present the stratospheric duo The Umbilical Brothers, and the punkest and most fashionable monologuist of the moment, Yolanda Ramos. A night more festive than ever thanks to the energy and irresistible humour of Guillem Albà and the Marabunta Orchestra, the fun pop universe of Mali Vanili and the universal humour of local talent Angel Amieva. A gala celebration that will also feature two of the characters who best combine good humour and the world of toast: Xuriguera and Faixedas. Chin Chin -and long live the Figueres Comedy Festival!

Thursday 13th of April, 21:00 h

Teatre El Jardí, Figueres

18,00 € / 15,00 €

120 minutes

Catalan, Spanish, music, stand-up comedy, sketch, beatbox, mime, improv