Dimitri Bogatirev & Family


The whole Aga-Boom show is an ecstasy for audiences of all ages. Bogatirev Dimitri and his crazy family have returned to Figueres to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Comedy Festival. In the best tradition of Russian clowns, the pure style of "Cirque du Soleil" returns from Las Vegas. With their laughter they create a perfect gift for all girls and boys and continue to make this festival great –for overgrown kids of 14 to 99 years inclusive. No theatre festival is complete without: play, fun, laughter, giant balls, paper and more paper. Clowns in their purest form. Another unique performance in Catalonia.

«Clowning is an art of art form requiring formidable skills. Count the members of Aga-Boom as masters of the form.»


«I can’t imagine any audience member of any taste, nationality or age leaving this show without a big smile on their face. Unique and universal style.»


«The grand finale come closer to being literally riotous - as in so funny that the audience did more than just laugh- than any theatrical experience within memory… The kids in the audience were on cloud nine, but hardly more so than the adults.»


Sunday 16th of April, 19:00 h

Teatre El Jardí, Figueres

18,00 € / 15,00 €

10,00 € until 12 years old

80 minutes

Clown, mime, physical comedy