Marcel Tomàs


Analysts have not been able to explain why it took Marcel Thomas ten years to take part in the Figueres Comedy Festival; probably the mental state of the organizers. He has a total mastery of comedy, capturing the audience with his surrealist conflicts and bizarre solutions.

He does not need a red nose. Trainstopping characters. Each one hilarious! If we could squeeze this orange the juice would be made of Buster Keaton, Charles Chaplin, Jacques Tati, Totò, Louis de Funès, Mr. Bean, James Thierrée... This time we leave the theatre to take over the street. Trams is a refreshing show full of wit, talent and good humour.

Sunday 16th of April, 17:00 h

Espai Citroën

Plaça Catalunya, Figueres

Free access

80 minutes

Catalan, mime, clown