Eric Koller

Saturday 8th of May
At 21:30
Teatre El Jardí

Premiere in Catalonia and Spain
The star of Dutch stage and screen

Rubber limbed comic genius Eric Koller springs into Catalonia for the very first time. The Best of Eric Koller is his definitive explosion of his unique cartoon-like comedy and dry humour. A visual tour-de-force, imagine Mr Bean on acid…

Possibly the quirkiest comedian in the universe, Koller is desperately funny, a word-less comedy with all with the physical energy of Umbilical Brothers, the subtlety of Charlie Chaplin, the facial origami of Lee Evans and the iconography of Ennio Marchetto.

Enter the absurd world of Eric Koller, a twisted cabaret by the most twisted body in comedy. Clever stage constructions with stunning transformations from Michael Jackson to Ronaldo, Koller contorts his famous rubber limbs through broken newsfeeds and high noon cowboys. The Best of Eric Koller is the must-see comedy of the moment.

Blurring the boundaries between tragedy and comedy, Eric Koller’s style is a fusion of clowning and mime with the edginess of late night standup comedy. With dazzling visual jokes and physical tricks Eric Koller truly needs no words to put you on the edge of your seat, or have you falling off it.


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