Alba Sarraute

Sunday 9th of May
At 19:00
Teatre El Jardí

If you think that in the clown world everything has already been invented, think again. Come and see a totally original show which mixes circus techniques, dance, music and text. A Brechtian cabaret that resonates the voices of Koltès, Baricco, Saint-Exupéry, Rousseau, Miguel Hernàndez...

A thought provoking experience reflecting life today from a woman who is at the same time tender, raw, moving, poetic, spontaneous and universally funny.

A kind of post-industrial aviator in the style of The Little Prince, a young clown with balls, a character that sings, plays sax with boxing gloves, walks on her hands and carries a bundle of Amazonian wood to shake up your conciousness.

Madness and lucidity. Who could ask for more?


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