Starbugs Comedy

Crash Boom Bang

It is very easy to think about Switzerland and associate it with a cow. After seeing Starbugs Comedy, you will be thinking about a different animal: you won’t be able to get these yetis of humour out of your head. Three immense artists who mix acrobatics, dance and gestural theatre as only the best master watchmakers know how. They are a Swiss army knife of surprises and comical resources, as good as chocolate and with judgement with more holes than Emmental cheese. If you want to break clichés, stop reading this nonsense and come to La Cate. Two unique performances. From New York to Tokyo, awarded in Montecarlo. Absolute premiere in our country.

Thursday 29 of March, 21:00 h

Friday 30 of March, 21:00 h

Sala La Cate, Figueres

18,00 €

90 minutes

No text, slapstick, mime