José Malaguilla


Last year the actor Jose Malaguilla wowed the Festival Còmic public with his theatre improvisation scenes. He did this within the proposal of Microtheatre. This year, the full menu. Malaguilla is able to construct the funniest stories from audience suggestions. He has more courage than a parachutist: his leaps into the void are full of juggling and creativity. “Imprólogo” can be a western or a horror film; it can happen in Catalonia or Hawaii; it can end well or badly. The audience has the final say. Figueres is very surreal.

Friday 30th of March, 19:00 h

Sunday 1st of April, 19:00 h

Auditori Caputxins

Carrer del Rec Arnau, 8, Figueres

Taquilla ɐsɹǝʌuᴉ

(Free contribution at the end of the show)

75 minutes

Catalan, Spanish, improvisation