Mª Luz Lurbe

Laughter therapy

Multicultural-oriented workshop

Figueres Comedy Festival would not be the same without the laughter therapy sessions of Mª Luz Lurbe. She combines fun and laughter like no other, giving tools on how to relativize and react to life with a positive attitude..

  • It is said that half the world laughs at the other half. How easy! And why, instead of laughing against do we not laugh in favour? Humour cuts distances, opens doors, creates connections. Through the game we will discover what makes another person laugh. As Yeats said, “there are no unknown people, just friends to be met.”
  • Maria Luz Lurbe proposes a morning of fun, exercise, learning and opening up. Whether you are from Marrakech, Maçanet de Cabrenys, Conakry or Vilopriu, this workshop is for you. Come to the Marca de l’Ham to have fun, bring your joy to the Marca de l’Ham.

Saturday 31st of March, 10:00 h

Centre Cívic Joaquim Xirau

Barri de la Marca de l'Ham

Carrer de Vilatenim s/n, Figueres


Free access


3 hours

Carry comfortable clothes and bring drinking water.

Activity suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions.


Up to 12 years old


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