Humor de micro

(Stand-up comedy)

Yolanda Ramos, Judit Martin, Maribel Salas, Patricia Sornosa and, a fair distance away, Nadia Comaneci, Serena Williams and Edurne Pasabán. The four best comedians of the moment in the city of the year. Don’t expect to find Victòria from the series Benvinguts a la familia, Mare Superiora from Polònia or Tia Bego from Ahi abajo. Forget about non-alcoholic sparkling wines and children party snacks: take the Patricia Sornosa’s menu (Comedy Central and Late motiv TV shows guarantee). This gala goes from four extremely funny, sharp and self-assured monologues; four artists of irony and well issued word. Get away from the TV and come on over to the coven.

Saturday 31st of March, 21:00 h

Sala La Cate, Figueres

18,00 €

120 minutes

Catalan, Spanish, improvisation, stand-up comedy