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Todos a la cárcel


No, it’s no funny. The artistic world is subjected to the injustice of some courts that only find attacks on those that do not think like them fun. So, we invite you to laugh twice as hard: guided by Impro Barcelona, we will recreate the most common scenes and situations. If you are a prevaricator or seditious, or if you like practicing influence peddling or revolving doors do not make you dizzy, this is the show for you. Come to the prison and it will be done. Afterwards, artists and journalists affected by censorship and repression will share their experiences with us. A catharsis to gather up forces and continue on our way.

Freedom of speech in Spain



    With the presence of affected artists and journalists

    • Pablo Hasél (MC & poet), Valtònyc (rapero), Cassandra Vera (writer and History student), Jair Domíngez (journalist), Jordi Pesarrodona (town councillor for Culture), Alexandra Rodríguez (criminal lawyer)

    • Debate moderator: Anna Punsí, journalist covering accidents, crimes and court cases


    Monday 2nd of April, 17:00 h


    Antiga Presó

    Carrer Sant Pau, 158, Figueres


    Free access




    60 minutes

    Catalan, Spanish, improvisation


    Monday 2nd of April, 18:30 h

    Antiga Presó

    Carrer Sant Pau, 158, Figueres


    Debate's live stream at: