From the 23rd to the 27th of March, 2016

Parallel activities

Cineclub Diòptria: "What we do in the shadows"

Hilarious, carefree and irreverent comedy. One of the most original films to be seen for a long time. A cracking good laugh.

Local laughter

If people won’t come and laugh, laughter will come to the people. The hit laughter sessions from the Comedy Festival are on their way out to meet the public.

Laughter yoga

You don’t need to be obsessed with yoga, or hold a degree in it. This is for everyone. Just come along, laugh without reason and discover the immediate health benefits.

«El mundo de la tarántula»

Llibres Low Cost presents the latest book by Pablo Carbonell, a humorous autobiography depicting the society in which we live.

A little background history

For nine years we’ve invited you to smile, downplaying the economic crisis, spreading good humour. Nine years learning to laugh at everything, the great and the good, of 21 % VAT, the king and his court; poetry, simplicity, bitchiness. Free and low price shows for everyone, young and old. Thank you all, artists and spectators, for making this possible. Come and join us!