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Intensive workshop     with Dimitri Bogatirev

The ucranian artisst Dimitri Bogatirev is the creator of the show Aga-boom which you can see on Sunday the 17th of April during the festival program. Don't miss the opportunity, here in Catalonia, of participating in a workshop with this fantastic artist. It is an intensive clowning course for professionals and advanced students of dramatic arts.

Dimitri was invited to join Cirque du Soleil’s production of Alegria. He created two unforgettable characters that according to critics took Cirque’s clowning in an entirely new direction.

The power of imagination

Sessió de maquillatge

The style and the artistic aesthetics of this avant-garde clown are the academic subjects this year in Figueres. Dimitri will open your mind and imagination towards creating your clown character, based on pantomime lessons and entertaining exercises. You will learn to work and improvise with a partner, an audience, imaginary objects, and use these skills in physical comedy.

This is also a good opportunity to release your stress, recharge yourself and meet new friends.

Do you have a bigger fish to fry from Holy Monday to Maundy Thursday?


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From 18th to 21st of April, 2011 (Easter week)


"El Jardi" Municipal Theatre, Figueres


Afternoons, from 16 to 20 hours


140,00 €

Informació sobre el curs de Dimitri Bogatirev

Organized by: TiP Produccions for the Ajuntament de Figueres